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Web design and development should be easy. User interface and security are my top priorities. Content is just as important! Your sites and apps should be engaging in order to convert more visitors into customers. Your project will also be organized and easy to maintain and finished on time.

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{ Culture Hog }

See Oakland web design and development in action! Take a look at this completely responsive arts and culture WordPress project optimized for search engines.

This project culminated from years of art history essays building up. Soon it was time to publish them to the web and share them with the world. Now they serve as a content-rich online arts and culture magazine.

Culture Hog Oakland Web Design and Development 1

At the core of Culture Hog is WordPress, a powerful CMS for creating blogs. The theme that is unique to Culture Hog is built entirely from the ground up using CSS, PHP, and WordPress hooks and loops. The site also displays content from several WordPress plugins coded in PHP. Culture Hog is an excellent example of the power WordPress has to publish articles online.

Search Engine Optimization is important to any Oakland web design and development project and Culture Hog is no different. The site is optimized for search engines from the technical side all the way to the content side. Both SEO and search engine marketing are utilized to make Culture Hog a successful project. Technical aspects of Culture Hog are SEO such as URL slugs, .htaccess and robot.txt files, redirects, internal linking, and much more. The content of Culture Hog is also SEO with keyword-dense articles and great internal linking structures. Marketing for Culture Hog included social media and external link exchanges. Culture Hog is a project that people on the web cannot miss.

Culture Hog Oakland Web Design and Development 2

Google Analytics and Google AdSense plays a large role in the success of Culture Hog too. Well implemented Analytics JavaScript is installed and maintained. This compared with the AdSense reports, help understand visitor behavior and improve conversion.

See it in action!

{ Allen Wrench 2 }

A full project management tool to help users organize their projects and tasks and see them on a kanban, calendar, or timeline. Users can also upload and share documents and send messages to each other.

This object-oriented programming Oakland web design and development project is designed to be free and easy to use for nonprofits and anyone else who might not have the resources to purchase or learn new software.

Allen Wrench Oakland Web Design and Development 1

The Allen Wrench dashboard is unique to each user and requires authentication. Authentication in this Oakland web design and development project is completely custom and includes a bit more than the Laravel framework includes. Visitors can register and login but also confirm their email address and keep a profile complete with an uploaded avatar. The authentication system was built from the ground up to offer flexibility and security.

Allen Wrench Oakland Web Design and Development 2

Allen Wrench is powered by a MySQL server behind the scenes. The tables are organized and accessed via Laravel's QueryBuilder. Inserts, edits, and updates are made on just about any page.

Automated email helps users stay up to date on their task lists. Whenever an insert, edit, or update occurs inside the app the user has the option to automatically email everyone in the organization about the change.

The dateTime PHP class and Carbon have come in handy while developing this application. The site uses many calendars and other features requiring date, time, and time zone.

Allen Wrench accesses its local filesystem to store and share user documents. From within the app, the user can upload and name, rename, and delete files. An index with the unique name and location of each file is kept in a table in the database.

See it in action!

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